As Administrative Consultants, we are pros in administrative support and we work in an ongoing & collaborative partnership with clients on a monthly retainer basis.

When you work with an Administrative Consultants, you are working with independent specialists –not employees. How and when we work together isn’t going to look anything like the way you work with your employee. Administrative Consultants offer strategic support delivered on a monthly basis.

Administrative Consultants work with clients in continuous, synergistic relationship, with a usual commitment from the client of between 10-40 hours per month.

We do work in a mainly virtual environment and we are professionals who seek to offer you administrative support & guidance for running and building your business. As Administrative Consultants, we are looking for long-term relationships with our valued clients and enjoy being dynamic contributing members of their team.

We can help you with the necessary level of administration, from helping you take control of your busy life, to simplifying your administrative systems and creating easily accessible, repeatable processes.

Our physical location is in Bulgaria which allows you to take advantage of the time difference.

Together we'll help grow your business!!!

Hourly basis

We suggest you order a set of hours in advance when you require tasks to be completed without a schedule. When buying a set of hours, those hours will be valid for 6 months from the date of order. While we strive to be available when you need admin support, buying a set of hours does not ensure availability. To guarantee we are available when you require admin consulting, please see our retainer alternatives underneath.

Our usual rate is $15.00 per hour billed in 15 minutes increments with time rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour. We use MyHours time tracking software for our reports.

Rates apply to all work carried out at S.O.S office. Above rates are exclusive of extra expenses and materials which are charged separately at cost price. Emailing and internet research incurs no telephone charges.

Not sure about using Administrative Consultant? Unsure of how long you will need an admin support?
  • The Flex Plan might be the best plan for you. This plan is designed for those who would like to get support occasionally, but don't know what their usage pattern will look like. It's also a good plan if you don't have many tasks to outsource. In other words, the Flex Plan is our regular hourly rate.

    The Flex plan requires you pay five hours - $ 100 in advance before services are rendered.

  • Our Monthly Plans are for busy individuals and businesses. You get to choose a monthly plan that fit your budget and your schedule. Here, you pay a flat fee every month and have the Administrative Consultant for the allotted number of hours in your monthly plan. If you wish to ensure our availability for your daily, weekly or monthly administrative support, we can provide you with a retainer plan where we will allocate a fixed number of hours each month to you. Any hours which are worked over the monthly retainer will be added to the following month’s invoice. Any hours not used each month may be transferred to the following month. These hours may not be rolled over a second month. We will invoice you in advance each month for the agreed amount of hours. The Monthly Plan which is most preferred by our clients includes 40 hours (per month) for the total cost of $680.

    * Discount is available depending on volume & duration of a project.

  • Our Project Based Plan is for those who want Admin Support on a specific one-time project. We will gladly support you with a project from start to finish. This plan offers you support until the completion of the project.  Simply contact us with the details about the project, including the time frame, hours needed, budget and the necessary skills involved. We will get back to you with an estimate as soon as possible.
Translation rates (per target word): Proofreading (per target word):
English > Bulgarian – 0.05 English > Bulgarian - €0.04
Bulgarian > English – € 0.07 Bulgarian > English - €0.06
Russian > English - € 0.10

* A signed acceptance of the estimate, payment terms and details of the scope of work is required before commencement of the project. The turnaround will be discussed and agreed prior to commencement of project.

Our service is fast and efficient and you can, of course, be assured of complete confidentiality.

* Stationery, telephone, fax, postage, CDs/floppy disks, printing costs and all other expenses will be charged separately at cost price.

* Any time taken carrying out work experimentally at the client's request shall be charged at the appropriate hourly rate.

* Estimates, as opposed to quotations, are provided on request. If the client's original requirements change, we reserve the right to amend the original estimate.

* Invoices are due for payment within 7 days from the date issued.

* Smart Office Solutions aka S.O.S is VAT registered - BG203086565, however Invoices issued to companies within EU are not subjects to VAT taxation in Bulgaria in accordance with art 86, par. 3 in connection to art.21, par.2

* Minimum invoice amount is for 5 hours at the appropriate hourly rate.

Should work be suspended or delayed through any default of the customer, S.O.S shall be entitled to immediate payment for the work carried out and expenses incurred.

* For prepaid packages, payment for each month is made in advance. Invoices are issued at the end of the month for the following month and payment is due immediately by standing order.

* Any unused hours of a monthly retainer package will be credited to the following month for a maximum of one month.

* Clients wishing to cancel a retainer package must give written notice of minimum one month.

* Payment is accepted by PayPal or bank transfer only.

* A monthly late fee will be assessed to any overdue invoices.  These fees are listed below:

  •   3% Late Fee 15 Days Overdue
  • 10% Late Fee 30 Days Overdue

* We will not make any refunds for completed services under any circumstances.

* Projects can be discussed via e-mail, IM or phone.

* Delivery must be arranged via e-mail, fax, or registered mail/courier.

  • All shipments are made at the customers' expense and risk.
  • The method and route of shipment are at the discretion of S.O.S unless the customer supplies noted instructions.