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Gabriella Mitteva

Administrative Consultant[

My name is Gabriella Mitteva and I'm an Administrative Consultant. I've established Smart Office Solutions Ltd. on June 2, 2014 as a natural continuation of my freelance practice and strive for expansion.

After being twelve years at administrative support roles in corporate world, in 2003 I decided to start a career as a Virtual Assistant (VA). I have created my own brand - G.A.B.Y Virtual Assistance - that specialised in assisting small and medium businesses.


Tasks that we work on.

Software, Browsers, Email clients, Social media, Google Applications and etc.
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Edit or format documents; Document Conversion from/to PDF; Do some data entry
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English, Bulgarian and Russian

Help with your to-do list; Manage your schedule; Email management

Partners, vendors; Products; Procedures
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Set up an email list; Send an email to your list
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Research leads and prospects; Qualify inbound leads
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Respond to customer emails; Respond to customer tickets
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The smarter way to get the admin solution you need


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Social Media
Social Network
Online Research
Market. Research
Admin. Assistance
Cust. Service


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Here's what the clients have to say.

PA to the Directors / Nemultus Strategy

For the past two years Gabriella has been providing support to me and to Nemultus on a wide range of topics, spanning from administration and traditional PA services to online research and back office support. Gabriella is a pleasure to work with; she is thoroughly professional, trustworthy, pragmatic, flexible and tenacious. She really goes the 'extra mile'. I will continue to work with Gabriella and strongly recommend her
Paolo Venturini, Director at Amazon

Owner & Virtual Assistant / G.A.B.Y. Virtual Assistance

Gabriella provides and excellent service. She is able to work with confidential assignments and has a high level of expertise. She is a valued resource to my operations.
Mark Brett, Independent Part-time only - Lead Information Assurance / Cyber Security Advisor
“I greatly appreciate your work and I am always impressed with the work you do.”

“‘I am continually impressed by your work.”’

“I hope to work together again soon. As always, super impressed with everything you do! “
“Thank you so much for all of your hard work.”

“Again, thank you for the excellent work!”

“I expect we will have more work similar to this in the future for you!”

"Nice work. We'll be in touch later for more projects."
"Gabriella is a highly motivated self-starter with an eye for detail and a strong will to get the job done well, always certain to fully clarify expectations and guidelines before starting. In all that she did, she illustrated a meticulousness and a persistent inquiry to ensure she delivered all desired details."

"Great job..."
"Thank you for all your work during the year."

"Thank you for the prompt translation. "

"Keep up the great work! "

"Thank you, Gabriella. I can't believe we are all set for this trip!"
Recommendation letter
Piotr Bogobowicz, OMEC Ltd, Poland
Gabriella, you are wonderful! Thank you so much for your impeccability and professionalism. I also hope, after testing just a couple of states, that I can expand nationwide with your support, if you wish to help me.
Michael Shierloh, 805-886-1386


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